Frequently Asked Questions

Ann Arbor photographer

1. Where are you located?

My office is centrally located in the 455 building on E. Eisenhower Pkwy. Newborn sessions take place within the comfort of your home, while family and senior sessions take place outdoors in the Ann Arbor area. I have several ideas for locations. You can choose between something urban, architectural, or a park setting.

2. I see “let’s chat” in many places on your website. Why can’t we just email?

We can email, but I also like to speak with prospective clients over the phone to get to know you better and to learn more about your hopes and dreams for a session. I pride myself on creating a custom experience for my clients. I want to learn what you like to do as a family before choosing a location. I like to understand nap and work schedules before choosing a time for your session. I want to know how you want to enjoy your photos for years to come. Do you want digital files? Have you ever made an album? I want to ensure that my style of photography meets your needs. A phone conversation entails a natural back and forth conversation. I have also learned that talking on the phone is more efficient than waiting for each other’s email responses. Within a 10 minute conversation we can figure out the details vs. spending days emailing back and forth. Most importantly, when we meet for your session, I want you to feel like you are getting together with a trusted friend vs. meeting a random stranger in the park who happens to have a nice camera.

3.  When will my session take place?

I prefer to schedule outdoor sessions within 1-2 hours of sunset when the light is best. Much of what you see in my portfolio was shot during this time and contributes heavily to my style of photography. With that being said, I know my little ones turned into very unhappy pumpkins by 6:30 p.m. when they were babies. If that is the case with your little ones, we will work together to find a location with awesome light, during your child’s happy time.

Ann Arbor child photographer

4. What should we wear?

No worries. I am here to help. I truly enjoy every step of the process. I have gone to clients’ homes and helped them shop in their own closet, as well as collaborate on shared pinterest boards. Here is a blog post I wrote last spring highlighting some of my favorite clothing tips. Once you schedule your session, you will receive an email with more detailed tips and suggestions as well as an opportunity to connect with me in person or online for feedback on your choices.

5. What happens after my session?

After your session, we will set up a time for your ordering appointment. We will meet in my office to view your photos, select favorites, and create albums or even a custom wall display. When I first started my business, I shared client galleries exclusively online. However, I feel that this is a disservice. My clients are busy families who want to purchase digital files but also want professional printing. If you want to create an album or wall display, the best way to do this is in person where we can use my nifty software to see what the images will look like on your walls. I can give you tips on what sizes look best and you can see what professional prints, canvases, and albums look like in person. Since making the switch to in-person viewing and ordering, my clients have expressed how much they enjoy having someone share tips and help them make decisions on what would look best and where. We can also design birth announcements or holiday cards.

6. Can I keep my images private?

Absolutely. I love to share client sessions on my blog, portfolio, and social media. It helps convey my style to potential clients, but also gives clients a way to share images with family and friends. However, not all of the families that I work with want to have their family photographs shared online. I completely respect your privacy. Just let me know that you want to keep them private during your phone consultation, your session, or during your ordering appointment.

Ann Arbor family portrait photographer

7. Do you sell digital files?

Absolutely. I know many of my clients like to share their images online with family & friends and have favorite consumer labs to do their own printing.

8. Why should I print at a professional lab vs. consumer lab vs. big box store?

I feel that if you invest in professional photography, you should invest in professional printing. If you remember the days of film photography, the photographer never handed over the negatives. While I do sell digital negatives, I will point you in the right direction for making your own prints if professional printing does not fit in your budget. I work hard to achieve proper color, clarity, and crop. The final result of my efforts not be seen if you print at CVS or Costco. They are not professional printers. They are drugstores with printers. I have printed my own personal photos at many different labs and have had photos from my professional camera come back not looking any better than my iphone photos. I want you to have quality prints and products. I’ve done my homework on where to get the best prints that match my efforts. Let me spare you the time of testing out labs, and print through me.

9. Do you offer mini-sessions?

I want to create an experience and memories for your family to treasure in years to come. I do not want to rush this experience. I want to take my time if your child is shy. I want to capture authentic moments and take as much time as we need to do this. I do not want to check my watch or worry about the next client waiting in the wings. You will have my undivided attention, and we will get the images you want without the pressure of “time’s up.” I do offer a special rate to clients who book more than 1 session within 12 months. So if you have a newborn and want to capture your baby at 6 months when he/she is sitting up and smiling, we can do that. Or if you book a senior session and decide you want to add on a family session, I will offer you a special rate for the second session.

Ann Arbor baby photographer

10. How many photos will I get from my session?

My client sessions usually end up with 30-40 unique images.

11. When should I schedule my newborn session? Before or after my baby is born?

Most of my newborn clients schedule their session prior to their baby’s arrival. It ensures your date on my calendar. We will pick a date around your due date, then make any adjustments after your baby is born. I only schedule a limited number of sessions each month to allow for this flexibility. However, don’t hesitate to contact me if your little one is already here. If I have availability, I would love to document this special time your family’s life.

12. I’ve noticed that some newborn photographers will only photograph newborns within a certain window of time. Is that the case with you?

Nope.  My style of newborn photography focuses on the growing family and is more documentary in nature. I want to photograph your newborn when you feel ready. For some families that is within the first week, at 6 weeks or even 12 weeks.

ann arbor baby photographer

13. What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept all major credit cards, paypal, personal checks, and cash.

Lori Page Photography is now scheduling maternity, newborn, and family photography sessions. Contact me to start planning your session!

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