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The Location {Ann Arbor Child & Family Photographer}

It is finally starting to warm up in Michigan, and I can’t wait to start planning spring sessions. The first thing I do when a client contacts me to plan their family photography session is determine if I can meet their needs and expectations through my style of photography. If so, we then discuss location. I ask clients […]


Rock Your Camera Phone–From Snap To Print {Ann Arbor Family Photographer}

Once upon a time I brought my big camera with me everywhere.  Because my 3 and 5 year old also came with me everywhere, I started to feel like I had a third child–which was a bit much for me. I reluctantly started using my camera phone instead. Then I upgraded my iphone 4s to […]


25 Days of Christmas (2013) {Ann Arbor, Michigan Child & Family Photography}

One of my fondest Christmas memories from childhood was the anticipation of counting down to Christmas with our advent calendar. I wanted to start the tradition with my own kids this year, and when I was invited to join an amazing group of women photographers in a group called “25 Days of Christmas”, I was […]


How to use your DSLR to take pictures of your Christmas Lights: Bokeh, Blur, & Starburst

I must confess, I put our tree up early in order to be able to take cool pictures of it and achieve some pretty cool bokeh (blurry background). This is my first Christmas shooting manual mode, and I couldn’t wait to play! 1. (the bokeh) If you have a DSLR camera, turn the dial to […]

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