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Once we have put a tentative date on my calendar for your newborn session, most parents ask for more tips on how to plan for their session, including what to wear. Here are a few suggestions to help you plan your wardrobe.

1. Keep to your style 

If you are causal family, then now is not the time to put on the heels or tie. If you are most comfortable in jeans, then wear jeans. If however, you are more comfortable being a little dressed up, then by all means have fun with it.


2. How will you want to share your photos?

Consider what you want to do with your photos. Are you interested in creating a wall display? If so, think about how the color of your clothes will look against your walls. Because my newborn sessions are more documentary in nature, and take place in the comfort of your home, consider how your clothing will complement (not compete with) your decor.
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3. Let the baby be the focus

I encourage parents to wear solid colors and usually light colors. It keeps the focus on the baby. Afterall, you are having photographs made so you can remember what your baby looked like in those first few days. Because newborns are so tiny, I prefer to keep their wardrobe simple too. I like classic onesies and swaddles.
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4. Let me help you

Most of my clients are able to shop within their own closets for their own wardrobe, but may want to add a new piece or want suggestions on dressing their newborn. I encourage my clients to lay their clothing out on a bed, snap a picture, and to send it to me for feedback. I am also happy to help you do some online shopping. With wonderful online tools, like Polyvore and Pinterest we can shop within the comfort of your home and just meet up online.
Here is a board I put together of some of my current, favorite styles for family newborn sessions. For additional ideas, please check out my What to Wear: Newborns pinterest board.
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