The First Edition Album {Ann Arbor Modern Portrait Family Photographer}

The First Edition Album is a beautiful way to showcase and enjoy your entire gallery in print. While I love photographing families, I equally love helping clients get images off their hard drive and either displayed on their walls or in album that they can cuddle up and flip through with their kiddos nestled on their lap. I think professional printing is such an important part of preserving family history for your children to have in years to come.

I offer two different styles of albums to my clients. The Heirloom Album & The First Edition Album. For this post, I am going to share the details of the press printed First Edition Album. The album comes in either an 8×8 inch or 10×10 inch size and is 20 pages in length. Most clients are able to include all images from their gallery in either color or black and white. The albums are hand-crafted in the United States and printed on a matte press paper as opposed to the Heirloom Album, which is printed on archival photographic paper.

You can choose from the following  album covers.

professional print albums

You can add debossing to the front of the cover and include up to 3 lines of text.

professional print albums

With the panoramic layout, we can stretch the images over both pages and fully maximize the impact of your images.

professional print albums

One of my favorite features is how the album lays flat in the center. Nothing is lost in the fold and curve in the center of the album.

professional print albums

While my children will have thousands of photographs in some sort of digital format floating in a cloud somewhere, I also want them to have our family albums, something tangible, to hold and look through together when I am gone.