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Hudson Mills Fireworks 2015 ~ Ann Arbor Photographer

My kids were sooooo excited to watch the fireworks at Hudson Mills this year. So excited that I even got one of the two to take a nap. 😉 I was pretty excited too because I had been studying up on how to photograph them. Capturing fireworks requires a very different technique than that of capturing family portraits.

You know those personality tests about left and right brain personalities? Do you tend to be more logical or creative? I guess I am both, because my “scores” put me right in the middle. I score equally. I think this is why photography appeals to me so much. It is a technological challenge and a creative endeavor. Photographing fireworks is the perfect example of how the two intersect.

To capture the following images, I used my Canon 5d markiii and my 24-70Lii. In addition, I brought my tripod and wireless remote. I set my ISO to 100, aperture to 11, and switched from manual mode to bulb mode. This allowed me to use the remote to trigger the shutter to open and close. I had a lot of fun playing around with long exposure.

Enough of the technical talk, here are the pretties from last night. I only wish I could have captured my son and daughter jumping up and down on the blanket cheering. I guess I will add that to next year’s challenge. 🙂

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