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The Light {Ann Arbor Child & Family Photographer

“To photograph” literally means to paint with light. When a client contacts me to plan their family photography session, we first discuss the location and then choose the time of day when the light will be the most flattering. My favorite time of day to schedule sessions is during the “golden hour”, which occurs 1-2 hours before sunset. Just as the name implies, it creates a golden glow that is very flattering for skin; but you also don’t have to contend with harsh shadows and squinty eyes.

In addition to the light being more flattering at this time of day, it also allows the kids to be kids. We are not limited to pockets of shade. Here are some of my favorite golden hour photos. Keeping the kiddos up a little later than usual, or delaying the nap until later in the day (so they can stay up later) is sooooo worth it. 🙂

Ann Arbor child portrait photographer

Ann Arbor family photographer

Ann Arbor child photographer

Ann Arbor family photography

Ann Arbor family photographer

It is finally starting to warm up. Contact me to plan your baby, child, senior, or family session!

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