5 on 5 June {Ann Arbor, Mi Child Photography}

I have joined a group of inspiring and talented photographers from around the world in a blog circle. Our goal is to post 5 photos on the 5th of every month for a year.

I am busy. The kiddos keep me busy and so does my blooming photography business–all of this is wonderful. I am grateful for this blog circle and the push to continue to document my children’s daily lives. It reminds me to pick up the big camera and continue to use it for us too.

This month I decided to play around more with my macro lens and  learn to utilize it as a portrait lens. It is slow to focus; but my 4 year old is starting to hold still for me, at least for a moment, so I am getting the hang of how to adjust my settings. I am in love the blurred/compressed background and sharpness of the focal area I select. The first three shots were taken with it, and the last two with my 85mm.

I hope you enjoy my June snapshots of our daily lives.


ann arbor photographer
ann arbor child photographer



ann arbor photographer

Please follow our blog circle and check out my friend Allison’s post for June.

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