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Why I Never Say “Cheese” {Ann Arbor Child Photography Tips}

I love a great picture with a real smile. Real smiles can take a little time and patience to get. You can say “cheese”, but you will not capture a real, genuine smile. At least I have never seen a child flash a fantastic “cheese” smile. My daughter agreed to help me illustrate this point.

This first picture is of my kiddo just being herself (and actually holding still long enough so I could get my settings right!


For this next picture, I asked her to “say cheese”. Now, I still think she is pretty cute, but that is NOT her smile. In fact, I think she looks a little scared.


For the next picture, I thought about what would bring a natural smile to her face. She has a little crush on Diego. All I had to say was “Diego”, and I got this look. Look at those dimples! Saying “cheese” did not reveal those dimples or her sweet little shy smile.


And for the last one I said, “Daddy’s stinky!” It makes her laugh every time.

When you are trying to take a snapshot, or even having professional pictures of your child done, think about what makes him or her smile, laugh out loud or maybe even, blush.